August 10, 2011

Style Admirer: Tavi Gevinson

Tavi Gevinson is probably the idol of every fashion-obsessive teenage girl in America. She is the blogger behind The Style Rookie, which she started at age 11, and has been taking the fashion world by storm ever since. I decided to have a blast from the past and reread some of her first blog entries, and I found the most amazing Alice-in-Wonderlandesque photo.

It's so cute! The little details on the dress, the light blue jacket, the bow headband! I just love it, especially the matchy-matchy blue tights. Even when she was just starting out she had this incredible sense of style that was uniquely Tavi. She is truly inspirational =) [Photos from The Style Rookie]


  1. That little girl is too cool haha wish I had the idea to start a blog that early

  2. Nice post, love the photos!
    see mine
    you might like it :)

  3. aww so sweet!! im gonna check out that blog! :D