August 15, 2011

IFB Project 9: My Mary Poppins Bag

Have you ever seen Mary Poppins? Do you remember her magic carpet bag that could hold practically everything? I'm almost positive my bag is almost that bag [I said almost!] It is big enough to hold all my magazines and books and stuff, but never seems to get bigger . . . I love it =) The amazing thing is how much I can fit in here [Note: This is just an example. It would probably have a lot more junk in it. Tic-Tacs, tissues, receipts, etc.] So here we go . . .

I have absolutely no idea where this is from. I stole it out of my sister's closet one day and have been hooked ever since =) And if she is reading this, which I highly doubt . . . You weren't using it!

Instyle, Vogue, Seventeen, Teen Vogue, Target Wallet, The Great Gatsby, Breakfast at Tiffany's [hidden,] $0.50, the greatest pen you will ever own, Germ-X, and my day-time makeup bag.

My Day-Time Makeup . . . NYC Powder, ULTA eyeshadow, Out of Africa lotion [will explain awesomeness in a sec,] CoverGirl LashBlast mascara, Vaseline Cherry lip balm, ULTA nail polish in Diva, two hair clips, two oversized bobby pins. Now to the Out of Africa story. So we had just gotten a new store in town, and this was all during a very long obsession with Meryl Streep. I saw, I smelled, I bought right away. I love love love the Lemon Verbena body wash. Yum =)

Night-Time Makeup Bag Contents . . . ULTA eyeliner in Indigo, Physician's Formula Bronzer and Blush, Maybelline powder, ULTA shimmer powder, ULTA nail polish in Gentle Ginger, some random awesome smelling lip balm from Borders, Almay eyeshadow, NYC liquid liner, hair clip, bobby pins

And a lot of perfumes . . . 
And that is what I lug around all day =) 


  1. that's a lot to carry around all the time! lol it's okay, i do it too :)


  2. Hey girl! I love what's in your bag! But aren't all those magazines heavy to carry around all the time?


  3. You would think, right? But it is all surprisingly light =)

  4. Great post! I love seeing what everyone else keeps in their purses - such a great idea for a post :) I adore the magazine stach in your bag!