August 22, 2011

Sorry, But . . .

Sorry, but posts will be few this week, things have been kinda hectic lately. I'll be sure to make up for it . . . Eventually.

August 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Coco!

Happy 128th Birthday to Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel, a revolutionist in the field of fashion . . . Iconic

August 18, 2011

Fred Died . . .

Breakfast at Tiffany's. The iconic movie is known for its style, characters, and the lovely Audrey Hepburn. I had a very moviesque encounter two hours ago, and let's just say tears were shed. Like Alice in Wonderland tears [don't worry, no one died.] It was a very serious case of the mean reds, so the only thing that could cheer me up was Tiffany's! Ah, to relax to the sound of movies is like sitting on the beach, listening to the waves brush against the shore . . . Magical

Photos from Google Search

August 17, 2011

Style Admirer: Isabella of The Pile of Style

So I was looking at my blog stats the other day, and I found a girl who looked at my blog who was from Croatia. Croatia? I had heard of the country, but didn't know much about it. So I looked up Isabella's blog, and I was really inspired by her sense of style. Her photos are awesome, and she has this cool vibe about her. It's amazing =) These particular photos were my favorites . . .

Even though she isn't in the last one, it's my favorite. It looks so old fashioned, like something out of an old photography magazine! I'm still wondering what that book is though . . . =)
Photos from The Pile of Style

August 16, 2011

Marc Jacobs

Oh Marc. There is no doubt in my mind that Marc Jacobs is my all time, absolute FAVORITE designer. Ever. His was the very first glimpse of designer fashion I was able to experience, and my very first designer buy. Ah, the nostalgia =) There aren't enough words in the English language to describe the sheer awesomeness of the genius behind Marc by Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, etc. As it is still not Fall, and Fashion Week has yet to occur, I feel I can still share the amazing garments he created for Resort 2012. So here they are [well, my favorites . . . ]

And finally my favorite look from the collection . . . [Drum roll please!] 

August 15, 2011

IFB Project 9: My Mary Poppins Bag

Have you ever seen Mary Poppins? Do you remember her magic carpet bag that could hold practically everything? I'm almost positive my bag is almost that bag [I said almost!] It is big enough to hold all my magazines and books and stuff, but never seems to get bigger . . . I love it =) The amazing thing is how much I can fit in here [Note: This is just an example. It would probably have a lot more junk in it. Tic-Tacs, tissues, receipts, etc.] So here we go . . .

I have absolutely no idea where this is from. I stole it out of my sister's closet one day and have been hooked ever since =) And if she is reading this, which I highly doubt . . . You weren't using it!

Instyle, Vogue, Seventeen, Teen Vogue, Target Wallet, The Great Gatsby, Breakfast at Tiffany's [hidden,] $0.50, the greatest pen you will ever own, Germ-X, and my day-time makeup bag.

My Day-Time Makeup . . . NYC Powder, ULTA eyeshadow, Out of Africa lotion [will explain awesomeness in a sec,] CoverGirl LashBlast mascara, Vaseline Cherry lip balm, ULTA nail polish in Diva, two hair clips, two oversized bobby pins. Now to the Out of Africa story. So we had just gotten a new store in town, and this was all during a very long obsession with Meryl Streep. I saw, I smelled, I bought right away. I love love love the Lemon Verbena body wash. Yum =)

Night-Time Makeup Bag Contents . . . ULTA eyeliner in Indigo, Physician's Formula Bronzer and Blush, Maybelline powder, ULTA shimmer powder, ULTA nail polish in Gentle Ginger, some random awesome smelling lip balm from Borders, Almay eyeshadow, NYC liquid liner, hair clip, bobby pins

And a lot of perfumes . . . 
And that is what I lug around all day =) 

August 11, 2011

The Road to El Dorado

This has seriously got to be one of my favorite animated movies of all times. The Road to El Dorado is . . . There isn't a word to describe its awesomeness. The color, the music, the hilarious characters . . . Spectacular. I have to say the soundtrack is definitely my favorite part. Three names: Elton John. Tim Rice. Hans Zimmer. What more to love? These are my top three songs from the movie [I couldn't help myself, they're all just so good!] I will seriously bust out into song whenever I hear them =)

If you ever get a chance to watch this movie, DO IT! It's amazing, kinda creepy at times, but it really is one of the greatest movies. Ever.

August 10, 2011

Style Admirer: Tavi Gevinson

Tavi Gevinson is probably the idol of every fashion-obsessive teenage girl in America. She is the blogger behind The Style Rookie, which she started at age 11, and has been taking the fashion world by storm ever since. I decided to have a blast from the past and reread some of her first blog entries, and I found the most amazing Alice-in-Wonderlandesque photo.

It's so cute! The little details on the dress, the light blue jacket, the bow headband! I just love it, especially the matchy-matchy blue tights. Even when she was just starting out she had this incredible sense of style that was uniquely Tavi. She is truly inspirational =) [Photos from The Style Rookie]

August 9, 2011

Savage Beauty

As much as it saddens me, I was unable to see Alexander McQueen's Savage Beauty exhibit at the Met. Sad as I may be, I refused to be excluded from this record-breaking showcase of pure talent, so I bought the book =) Instead of pouring through endless collections to show here, I decided to put together my favorites from two seasons: Fall 2010, McQueen's final collection, and Sarah Burton's Resort 2012, continuing his legacy. These are probably two of my favorite collections that I've ever seen, both intricate and astonishing.

Alexander McQueen Fall 2010

My favorite look =) 

Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen Resort 2012

August 8, 2011

IFB Project 8: I Can't Take You Seriously Without Pants

I never can find the right way to describe my two best friends. They are polar opposites, Emi being . . . slightly slutty, but in a cool Taylor Momsen - The Pretty Reckless way. KP is very '90s, kinda Andy Sachs pre-Stanley Tucci transformation [Devil Wears Prada. Watch it. Now.] They remind me a lot of Angela and Rayanne from My So-Called Life, they even have their own Jordan Catalano, annoying as he may be. Emi would prefer to walk around in nothing but her bra and underwear, while KP would question her sanity and grab her a towel. Notice the title? This situation has happened . . . numerous times. So to give you a better idea of these to oh-so-wonderful people, here are pictures of their style icons [remember last Wednesday when I said I'd probably never appear on the blog? They wish to do the same. Sorry!] KP is to the right, Emi to the left . . . Strike that, reverse it =)

Photos of From Google Search [KP 1, 2, 3; Emi 1, 2, 3]

August 4, 2011

Marie Antoinette

This is seriously one of my all time favorite movies, particularly because of this one scene. It is like a candy coated day of retail therapy in a world of never ending parties. It makes me wonder: why can't life be like this? Oh wait, it was! But then everyone died . . . It's really depressing when a story ends in tragic death. So anyway! Here is the scene . . . =)

Mmmm . . . The sweets look so yummy! And did anyone notice something weird about the beginning? Hint: It has to do with shoes . . . No guesses? Powder blue Converse. Just sitting there. I was a little confused at first, but it just gave a little confusion to the otherwise awesome montage. This is definitely a rockstar version of the actual queen, but entertaining all the same. Killer soundtrack, amazing characters, it's a must-see movie!

August 3, 2011

Style Admirer: Emily Schuman

I will never personally appear on this blog . . . Ok, maybe not never, but I'm not really the kind of person who does that. So, to fill the people void, every Wednesday I will showcase an outfit that really inspired me this week. My first: Emily Schuman, creator of Cupcakes and Cashmere, my all time favorite blog.

I love the look of the dress, the metallic detailing on the Zara top is ornate, but then it flows into a cascade of tulle. The best part, in my humble opinion, is the nude Miu Miu heels . . . The bow and peep toe just add the perfect amount of boldness to balance out the pale pink and tulle of the outfit.
[Photos from Cupcakes and Cashmere]

August 2, 2011

Crowning Glory

When I typically think of Lauren Conrad, one thing comes to mind: The Hills. Yes, I know I shouldn't be judging based on reality TV, but I couldn't get her out of that mind set for me! That is, until now. Her collection for Kohl's, LC Lauren Conrad, was good, it all looks pretty, but it was her new line that really caught my eye. Paper Crown, full of classic looks with little surprises, like a long-sleeved LBD or a romantic tiered maxidress, is super cute. I think this just might make me forget her dramatic past . . . Oh who am I kidding? That show was addictive, plus she always looked great no matter how much drama was going on around her, which not everyone can do. Me included =) Photos from