August 17, 2011

Style Admirer: Isabella of The Pile of Style

So I was looking at my blog stats the other day, and I found a girl who looked at my blog who was from Croatia. Croatia? I had heard of the country, but didn't know much about it. So I looked up Isabella's blog, and I was really inspired by her sense of style. Her photos are awesome, and she has this cool vibe about her. It's amazing =) These particular photos were my favorites . . .

Even though she isn't in the last one, it's my favorite. It looks so old fashioned, like something out of an old photography magazine! I'm still wondering what that book is though . . . =)
Photos from The Pile of Style


  1. wow, she's so adorable!!! <3

  2. arent blog stats the best. you always find the coolest people. did you just start your blog? it is very cute

    check me out!

  3. Thanks! Yeah, like three weeks ago. It's fun to write, and I'm glad you think it's cute =)