August 8, 2011

IFB Project 8: I Can't Take You Seriously Without Pants

I never can find the right way to describe my two best friends. They are polar opposites, Emi being . . . slightly slutty, but in a cool Taylor Momsen - The Pretty Reckless way. KP is very '90s, kinda Andy Sachs pre-Stanley Tucci transformation [Devil Wears Prada. Watch it. Now.] They remind me a lot of Angela and Rayanne from My So-Called Life, they even have their own Jordan Catalano, annoying as he may be. Emi would prefer to walk around in nothing but her bra and underwear, while KP would question her sanity and grab her a towel. Notice the title? This situation has happened . . . numerous times. So to give you a better idea of these to oh-so-wonderful people, here are pictures of their style icons [remember last Wednesday when I said I'd probably never appear on the blog? They wish to do the same. Sorry!] KP is to the right, Emi to the left . . . Strike that, reverse it =)

Photos of From Google Search [KP 1, 2, 3; Emi 1, 2, 3]


  1. ahaha,how cute :) and how's it walking around with them feel like ?

    alexandra @

  2. It's a blast, they are amazing =) The two of them are seriously some of the funniest people I know, it's insane.